Call for Participants, Host Organizations and Sponsors- 2018 International Exchange Program

US/ICOMOS is pleased to announce the call for applications for participants, hosts and sponsors for the 2018 International Exchange Program (IEP).
US/ICOMOS is seeking graduate students and those new to the heritage profession (1-3 years of experience) specializing in historic preservation and heritage conservation to participate in the 2018 IEP. Participants will be assigned practical working internships, under professional supervision, with a public or private nonprofit preservation organization. Internships for U.S. citizens are in other countries, organized in many cases in cooperation with the local ICOMOS National Committee. Internships for non-U.S. citizens are placed throughout the United States. US/ICOMOS carefully organizes and manages the 12 week program from its Directorate offices in Washington, DC.
Positions are for interns with a bachelor’s degree (at a minimum) in a preservation or conservation-related field: architecture, landscape architecture, cultural resource management, materials conservation, interpretation, history of architecture, archaeology, industrial archaeology, public history or cultural tourism. The selection process for the US/ICOMOS IEP is highly competitive; approximately one in five applications is successful.
US/ICOMOS is also seeking hosts and sponsors for the 2018 IEP. More information on the 2018 IEP can be found here. Support for the program can be made either through a host placement, a sponsor donation, or both. More information will be available at the upcoming US/ICOMOS Leadership Forum and Benefit from 29-30 November in Washington, DC, and at the 17th ICOMOS General Assembly in New Delhi, India, from 11-15 December. Should you be unable to host in 2018, but want to support the IEP, donations can be made at and select ‘Contribute directly to the International Exchange Program.’
For more information, visit our Internship pages at The deadline for applications for participants is 15 January 2018. The deadline for applications for hosts is 5 February 2018. There is no deadline for sponsorship contributions.
Please direct questions via email to:
Brian Michael Lione
Member, Board of Trustees and Chair, International Exchange Program Committee

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