Call for Volunteers to Assist US/ICOMOS President Douglas Comer Prepare for ICOMOS Advisory Committee (ADCOM) Meetings this Fall

The yearly ICOMOS General assembly features six meetings by the ICOMOS Advisory Committee. Two of these are focused on national committees and organized by US/ICOMOS President Douglas Comer, who is Vice-President of ADCOM and Chair of the National Committees Council. President Comer is looking for volunteers to assist him in organizing these two meetings.

Working as an ADCOM volunteer is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with how ICOMOS works and to network with heritage professionals from all over the world. Volunteers range from professors to students and practitioners who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with colleagues.

Volunteers will participate in an innovative program and will help to shape its scope and management. Volunteers will assist in developing an agenda that will evolve in the coming months. Assistance can take the form of:

  • Assisting in reporting / preparing minutes of meetings
  • Preparing resolutions and preparing ongoing reports to the Board
  • Collecting, collating and reviewing reports submitted by each National Committee to inform the meeting agendas. This will include supporting the engagement in ADCOM in the working group on the diversification and decolonization of heritage
  • Assisting ICOMOS Vice-Presidents and regional representatives in preparing for the National Committees meetings
  • Assembling the results of regional meetings
  • Encouraging regional communications and groups

ICOMOS very much appreciates the contributions made by annual and project volunteers to the work of ADCOM and will both formally acknowledge these contributions at ICOMOS meetings and in relevant media, and provide a certificate of participation where requested.

If interested, please send a CV and statement of interest to president [at]

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