US/ICOMOS Membership

The need for Americans to stand up for international cultural heritage has never been greater.

Your membership in US/ICOMOS underwrites our efforts to foster heritage conservation and historic preservation at national and international levels through education, training and international exchange. Your active participation helps grow American understanding of and appreciation for World Heritage sites in the United States and around the world.

We encourage you to join us as an Individual or Institutional member as we work together to promote intercultural understanding and heritage conservation around the globe and over the span of human history.

All Memberships Include:

  • Monthly US/ICOMOS at Work News Blasts
  • Invitations to US/ICOMOS events
  • Reduced registration fees to US/ICOMOS conferences and workshops
  • Information on national conferences and seminars

Individual Membership Levels

International Member – $210 per year

In addition to the benefits listed above, International members enjoy:

  • ICOMOS membership card providing free or reduced admission to many heritage sites and museums worldwide
  • Priority access to the services of the International Secretariat and to the UNESCO-ICOMOS Documentation Centre
  • Possibility of participating in International Scientific Committees and activities
  • Participation in an international professional network (expert meetings, professional workshops, scientific exchanges, training programs)
  • Possibility of participating in the triennial ICOMOS General Assembly
  • Subscription to ICOMOS international newsletter
  • Discounts on selected publications

Young Professional Member – $70 per year

For full-time students and professionals under the age of 30, this category provides all the benefits of International membership, including the ICOMOS Card, at a reduced price.

National Affiliate Member – $140 per year

All of the benefits listed above under “Benefits to All Members”

Please note: National Affiliate Membership does not include the ICOMOS Card or eligibility for International Scientific Committee service. Please join as an International Member to receive these and other significant benefits.

Institutional Membership Levels

Institutional membership is a cost-effective way to promote US/ICOMOS membership within your organization or firm.

Institutional Member – $700 per year

  • Designate up to four staff, faculty, trustees or other individuals associated with your organization for the International membership and each will receive all the benefits described above, including the ICOMOS card.

Supporting Institution – $1,500 per year

  • Up to eight designees for International membership
  • All benefits of Institutional membership
  • Special listing in the US/ICOMOS Annual Report.

Sponsor/Benefactor Institution – $2,500 per year

  • All benefits of Supporting Institutional membership
  • Special listing in the US/ICOMOS Annual Report.

How Membership Works

  • All memberships have a fixed start date of January 1st and an end date of December 31st.
    • All memberships submitted before August 30th will have an expiration date of December 31st of the same calendar year
    • Dues payments submitted after September 1st will be applied to the following year.
  • ICOMOS cards for international members are batch printed by the ICOMOS office in Paris and take six weeks or more to process and mail from time of purchase.
    • Our goal is to send out all international membership cards in early January to those who join or renew between  September 1st and November 30th.
  • US/ICOMOS is a private, non-profit, non-governmental organization with 501(c)(3) status. Your contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law: please consult with your tax counsel to make final determination.
  • International members may elect to apply for Expert Member status or Observer status on any of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committees (ISCs).You can find the list of ISCs and more information at
  • A portion of your international dues is sent annually to the ICOMOS Secretariat in Paris to support their efforts.

The ICOMOS card for International Members

The ICOMOS international member card provides free or discounted access to museums and historic sites worldwide. A list of museums and sites can be found here:

  • Museums with free admission include the Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay, Tate Modern, and the Vatican Museum.
  • Some world heritage sites with free admission for card holders are: Monticello, the Acropolis, the Colosseum, the Alhambra, Prague Castle and Hagia Sophia.