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Transnistria Between Peace and War

As part of a new US/ICOMOS series on heritage at risk, we are presenting “Transnistria Between Peace and War” with renowned Moldovan scholar Sergiu Musteață, Professor in the History and Geography Department at Ion Creanga Pedagogical State University in Chisinau, Moldova, and member of ICOMOS-Moldova.

The session covered the history, demographics, politics, and heritage of Moldova and how they have changed and intersected over the years. Professor Musteață explained how the complicated history of conflicts has shaped Moldova, its heritage and the messaging around it. The event was held on zoom on June 2nd at 5pm CEST (11 am EDT). Questions were answered following the hourlong presentation.

World Heritage Webinar: Cahokia Past, Present, and Future

With speakers from various organizations dedicated to the protection of the Cahokia Mounds, we discover the history and archaeology of the mounds along with the current efforts underway to preserve them.

Bill Iseminger, Assistant Manager, Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

Laura Lyon, Vice President of Program Strategy and Impact, HeartLands Conservancy

Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL)

Brenda Barrett, Board Member, Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks, retired National Park Service and former US/ICOMOS Trustee

Tokey Boswell, Associate Regional Director, National Park Service

Central Park - US Tentative World Heritage Site - US/ICOMOS Celebration of World Heritage

This video was created for the US/ICOMOS Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the World Heritage Convention on April 9th, 2022 and showcases Central Park, one of 19 sites on the UNESCO Tentative List. ...