Culture and Heritage Events at COP22

The heritage of humankind — natural and cultural, tangible and intangible — is profoundly threatened by the impacts of climate change.  At the same time, a community’s heritage is a source of its resilience, a template for mitigation and a guide to its climate adaptation.  The multifaceted ways in which heritage and climate change intersect are reflected in the diverse array of culture and heritage related programs being offered by a disparate group of organizations at COP22.  As part of its Climate Change and Cultural Heritage Knowledge Community project, US/ICOMOS is pleased to provide this selected guide to some of these events.   We salute the participants who have made these important sessions possible!

You’re invited to learn more about the Climate Change and Cultural Heritage Knowledge Community project and US/ICOMOS’s work at COP22.  The support of the Newport Restoration Foundation in this project is gratefully acknowledged.  To see how the historic US coastal city of Newport, Rhode Island is responding to climate change, visit NRF’s Keeping History Above Water project.

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The information presented here has been assembled from a variety of sources.  While every attempt has been made to be accurate, this information has not been independently verified.  Changes are also possible.  US./ICOMOS is not affiliated with the sessions listed here except as expressly indicated. 

Calendar of Events


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